Dance is for Everyone!

Classes at Alight Dance Academy are structured to meet the needs of all dancers.  Whether your child’s goal is a college degree in dance or to build confidence, grace, and poise, your child will be at home at Alight Dance Academy.  We welcome all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Put Safety First!

Classes at Alight Dance Academy are structured to be as safe as possible for our dancers’ bodies. Each technique class begins with a thorough and proper warm-up followed by progressive technique sequences. We take care to correct and prevent bad habits that could result in injury.

Have Fun and Work Hard!

Developing proper dance technique and artistry takes consistent hard work and discipline. We design our classes to be challenging to the students while still fostering an environment of high energy and fun. Expect classes to become more challenging as technique improves and students’ progress in the program.

Be Classy!

We believe in a family friendly atmosphere. We choose classy costuming, choreography and music. Our adorable three-year-olds all the way up to our beautiful teenagers will be dressed in age-appropriate costuming and will dance appropriate movements to family-friendly music. We also believe in being classy toward our peers and our competition; kindness in encouraged not only within the walls of our studio but toward other dancers from other schools and all people. You can’t go wrong with a smile :).

Show Mutual Respect!

Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of respect. Our teachers show respect for our students by arriving to class on time and with well-prepared lesson plans, and by fostering a firm and nurturing attitude.

1495 S. Black Ridge Dr. A-180 St. George, Utah 84770
(435) 703-9939