Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor. Dance shoes should only be worn in the studio. Gum is not allowed in the studio for the safety of the students. Food is not allowed on the studio floor. If you need to eat please do so outside or on the carpeted areas of the studio and discard any trash into the garbage can. Water is the only drink allowed in the studio. All other beverages should remain outside. Please bring your own water bottles for water breaks during class. The Ballet Barre is to be used only for dance purposes and is not to be hung on. Students should keep hands off of the studio mirrors and windows.

The dance studio is a place for instruction and learning. Please show respect for the instructors and other students by speaking softly and saving all games and other play for outside the studio. Students should find their own dancing space and keep hands to themselves and respect other dancers’ space. Students should listen to the teacher and follow instructions quickly and correctly. Students should not talk in the classroom when the teacher is talking or otherwise. If students have questions or comments they should raise their hands and make sure the question is relevant to the teaching going on at that moment. All other questions should be reserved for the end of class.

Students should arrive on time and ready to dance. For their safety, any student who arrives after the warm-up may be required to observe class for that day. Each class will begin at the scheduled time and dismiss 5 minutes prior to the end of the class hour to facilitate a smooth transition between classes. Students should not arrive earlier than ten minutes before class or remain longer than 10 minutes after class under any circumstances. Students should also come prepared with a water bottle for drinking between classes. Students should come prepared the first day of class with the proper dance attire. Each class has a specific dress code.

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